Ireland’s same sex marriage referendum and the impending loon arguments.

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It Only Encourages Them

Referendums; can’t live with them – can’t live without them, or this Government just gives that impression.

Yesterday the Cabinet agreed to hold a referendum on same-sex marriage before the summer of 2015. That’s about fourteen to eighteen months of pure unadulterated debating hell in front of us. Why ?

Lets start with this video from Ireland’s foremost religious think thank, The Iona institute. When I say think tank, what I really mean is an organisation whose sole raison d’etre it seems, is to take an unhealthy interest in womens’ reproductive organs, the gays, anyone that has a bit of a feel outside marriage and whatever Enda Kenny has for breakfast, all because the bible said so, or as I like to call it “bad science”.

So you made it through the Iona video without being patronised to death? It’s all bright and shiny with simplistic info-graphics about marriage, love and riding, and…

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